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What should I expect on my first visit?

Health History

We will ask you to fill out a few forms, providing us information on your current symptoms, as well as your past medical history.  This information is important to ensure we develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your condition.  For your convenience, these forms are available to you from our website, so you can fill them out in advance.  If you are uncertain of any entries, just leave the item blank, and Dr. Rob will help you fill in the most appropriate information for that item when you come to your first visit. 


 If you are utilizing your health insurance to pay for your visit, the front desk will need to gather your policy information, so please bring your insurance card with you.  We will be able to verify your chiropractic benefits at the time of your visit.  At Tenney Chiropractic, we accept most insurance plans.


Once your forms have been completed, you will have a private consultation with Dr. Rob.  He will ask further questions about your chief complaint, as well as your past medical history.  Please let him know if you have any additional health concerns.


The doctor will perform an examination specific to your complaint.  The examination will involve physical, neurologic, orthopedic, and chiropractic examination procedures.  An exam will take from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the nature of your complaint.

Additional Testing/X-Rays

Should your examination or history indicate the need for further testing or x-rays, these will be ordered.  We have an x-ray facility here on-site, so there will be no need to schedule a special appointment.  It is important to note that in most cases, x-rays are neither clinically warranted nor necessary.


If warranted by your condition and the findings in your examination, you will receive appropriate conservative care on your first visit.  At the conclusion of your first visit, a follow-up visit will be scheduled for your report of findings, and the delivery of your full treatment plan.

Your second visit:

Report of Findings:  You will meet with Dr. Rob to go over your examination findings and diagnosis.  You are welcome, and we encourage you, to bring your spouse or family member to this visit.  Dr. Rob will explain in detail the findings of your examination.  At this point we will go over your specific treatment plans, and our goals for your recovery.

If Dr. Rob feels you cannot be helped by chiropractic care, he will recommend the appropriate course of action, and ensure an appropriate referral is made to a health care practitioner best suited to help you with your specific complaint.


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